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Weather around the world.Application is GUARANTEED doesn't use the advertizing, any payments, collection of user data.You have a newest Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 3, it has the newest sensors, but you can not understand how to use it? It's very easy now! A ClimatSens for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 shows a local Temperature, Light, Humidity, Atmosphere Pressure, Temperture processor, Temperture battery data on the screen in real time. Displaying data in the status bar. Data record in a database, database converting in the CSV format with further sending by e-mail is carried out. Database viewing on the smartphone. Simple diagrams.Nothing excess, nothing difficult - you have all data in a split second. In the 3x2 widget displays temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, light read by the smartphone's sensors, as well as the temperature of CPU and battery. Location on map. Current Weather.The ClimatSens is an animated desktop widget for Android. It uses built-in smartphone sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric pressure and Light. You can change the displayed units because the app allows to change some settings. The affordable units are:Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees (for the temperature)A percentage (Humidity)Millibars, millimeters or inches of mercury (The atmospheric pressure) The data value can be rounded to the nearest whole.You can turn on or turn off the animation.The most important thing in design was the widget's "lightness" for easy information reading and, at the same time, did not have to take a lot of useful space of the desktop. That's why I used the clear glass imitation for the ClimatSens visualisation.Due to this, the widget looks good on any desktop wallpaper. I paid special attention to App low power consumption during the development. When the screen is off the application goes into standby mode, which favorably affects the energy consumption. ClimatSens the user can configure the update rate from 1 second to 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds.In the ClimatSens in addition to temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, the light level is displaying. You can select a theme. The structure is the ClimatSens entire application and animated desktop widget, but with extensive customization options.The main application is done as the ClimatSens dialog box, which displays information about the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, Humidity in percentage level of illumination in lux, air pressure in millibars and millimeters of mercury. The ClimatSens sales started in June 2, 2013. These applications are very young, I have a lot of plans for the development of their functionality. Attention!Before installing the application make sure the sensors in your device.Youtube old version: